Zongzi Takeaway

In Chinese culture, we make a lot of foods specifically as temple or ancestral offerings. I suspect they are all excuses to eat something that otherwise would be considered a luxury in an everyday diet. At Shanghai Supper Club we certainly love following these traditions as they are a perfect way to try different foods across different seasons. So for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival on 18th June, we will be offering Zongzi for takeaway for the next few weeks.

There are 2 flavours: pork belly at £4 each and red beans at £3.50 each. Minimum order is 4 pieces.

They are available from Monday 21 May through Monday 18 June. Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance, as we make them fresh daily in the morning.  Pick-up is from W1H 2ET. Delivery can be arranged with a fee.  Please email us for a quote.


  1. Hello id like to order 6zongzi: 2 red beans and 4 pork bellies. i would be able to pick them up on Monday June 11st. But if thats not possible, I can pick them up other time in the week.

    • I will email you. Thanks

  2. Hi is that still possible to get some Zongzi today? I’m living in Marylebone!


    • Yes I’ve got a few left. Please call me 07912937603.


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