What we are cooking this week

Some of you asked for drunken chicken and we heard you; it’s on the menu this week. But it takes a good few days to marinate it to get it properly “drunken”, so you must let me know by tomorrow morning IF you want it. For the rest of the menu, please email or text your order to me by end of TuesdayPick up is on Thursday from 12:30pm at 13 Montagu Place, W1H 2ET.

  • Pork Sheng Jian Bao 鲜肉生煎 – £11 for a box of 5 cooked or a box of 6 frozen
  • Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 – £15。 I use bone-in corn-fed chicken thighs. Must be ordered by Monday morning the 11th. 
  • Steamed eggplants 凉拌落苏 – £11. It’s a cold dish you eat at room temperature and is light and refreshing.
  • Soy beans & pickled garlic mustard 雪菜毛豆 – £11. The pickled mustard leaves used here is foraged near London and made by a friend of ours. It tastes just like the Xuecai mustard we have in Shanghai.
  • Large wonton with a sesame dressing 麻酱菜肉大馄饨 – £11 for a box of 6. These large tortellini like wontons are stuffed with minced pork and chopped green pak choi

This is also the last week we are making Zongzi 粽子 this year. Please get your orders in by Friday otherwise we cannot guarantee we will be able to make them for you.  There are 2 flavors: pork belly 肉粽 is £4 each and red beans 赤豆粽 is £3.5 each.

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  1. Hi can I order two pork belly 粽子 and two red beans 粽子 please. About the frozen 鮮肉生煎, do we simply just steam it and then is ready to eat?
    Can we pick up the 粽子 on Tuesday afternoon?


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