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Looking at the high-rises in Shanghai, it’s hard to believe that not long ago, China was an agrarian society and the Chinese lived by the rhythm of changing seasons in nature rather than on the catwalks in London, Paris and Milan. To stay in tune with the seasons, the Chinese divides its traditional calendar into 24 solar terms with each of the points matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon.

Last Friday, March 6, marked the third solar term, or Jing Zhe (惊蛰 ) this year. It literally means the spring thunder is waking up the insects that have been hibernating underground. I certainly felt hopeful that winter is finally coming to an end! To nourish the body for the spring awakening, the Chinese recommends a diet high in plant-based proteins and vitamins and low on meat. We believe a carefully followed diet in spring will ensure a healthy liver for the rest of the year. So, for those who shunned alcohol in January to detox your liver, try eating lots of soy beans, tofu and spinach next year!

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