A take-out menu to celebrate turning 1!!

It was a year go this week I was sitting in my kitchen trying to hatch a perfect plan to start a new career doing something I’m passionate about – food! – while still giving me the flexibility to be a full-time mom when the kids get home.  A friend said to me:”Just cook something, and invite a few friends around. We will tell you honestly whether there is a market for Shanghai homecooking.”  So, I threw away the pen and paper, and picked up my knife and chopping board and started cooking. At the end of that lunch a week later, Shanghai Supper Club was born!! They gave me my first take-out orders based on that menu. So, to celebrate that life-changing lunch and a year of happy cooking, we are bringing you some of the favourites from last year’s take-out menus.

 Food pictures2
  • Pork and Chinese cabbage pan-fried dumplings 白菜猪肉锅贴 with our homemade wrapper – 10 for £12
  • Braised pork belly 红烧肉 in a dark and treacly soy sauce. – £15
  • Spinach & tofu salad 马兰头 (v) with blanched and finely chopped spinach and tofu – £10
  • Steamed aubergines 清蒸茄子(v) Steaming makes the aubergines melt-in-your-mouth soft.  – £10
  • Stir-fried rice cake 炒年糕 (v) with Shiitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage and chicken slivers – £12
  • Onion oil noodles with dried shrimp 开洋葱油面 (v) This is the Chinese version of pasta aglio e olio. It looks simple but is full of flavours – £8

* (v) indicate dishes that are vegetarian or can be made as vegetarian.

Serving suggestions:

For a complete meal for 3-4 people, start with the dumplings, and follow with one vegetarian and one meat dish accompanied by the rice cake or the noodles.  Aubergine makes a good meat-alternative if you are vegetarian.

To  order, please email or text us by Wed noonPick-up and drop-off are available from Thursday 3pm onwards.  Delivery to other areas is available with a charge.  Enjoy!

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