Supper Clubs

When and where

Thursday 4th October at The Joker, 58 Penton St, London N1 9PZ. Dinner starts at 7pm and will last 2-2.5 hours.

What can I expect?

We served our food family style at tables for 8 people each, all to be shared from the middle.  This was our sample menu for June.

Kaofu with dried mushrooms, lily flower and peanuts
Shredded turnip salad with onion oil
Jiang Rou – soy glazed pork neck
Xun Yu – five spice “smoked” fish
* * * * *
Shengjian Bao – pan fried pork buns
* * * * *
Braised chicken with chestnuts
Stir-fried rice cake
Braised water bamboos
* * * * *
Sweet mooncakes

How much?

We ask for a donation of £55 per person which is to be paid upfront to secure your booking. It is fully refundable if you cancel the week before, and thereafter, if we can re-sell the ticket. LATE CANCELLATIONS hurt because we cannot easily re-fill those seats with walk-ins and those on the waitlist would have made other plans already.

How do I Book / Attend?

Please email us with the subject line ‘Supper Club booking’.  Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Number of guests in your group
  • Any allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Mobile number for the organizer of your party

We always try to provide an alternative dish to guests with allergies or dietary restrictions but will not be able to cater for food preferences due to the small scale nature of supper club cooking.  If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you are most welcome! Having grown up with two vegan grandparents, I always incorporate many vegan dishes into our menu.

Have a special occasion coming up or just fancy getting a group of friends together for a gathering? Why not book our supper club for a private event? Talk to us…

We look forward to seeing you at one of our supper clubs soon!