How to cook frozen Sheng Jian


Here is a link to cooking Sheng Jian straight from the freezer. For fresh ones, it’s the same process but you can use less water and shorter cooking time.


Use the smallest non-stick pan that will fit.

Add the sesame and spring onion after the baos have been steamed for a few minutes so they stick to the top.

It took 10 minuts from adding water to get a nice crispy bottom in this batch.

If there’s still water left at the end, open the lid to dry it out. It’s important to cook till you hear sizzling and there’s no visible water left in the pan. This makes the bottom crispy.


  1. Hi!

    where can you get these from? Is there a store in London that you know of?

    • I make these myself. I’m not aware of stores selling them in London. We sell them as frozen or cooked as part of our takeaway.


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