A Month Left till Chinese New Year

It’s only a month (minus a day) till the Goat trots onto the scene!  Do you know why the Chinese years are represented by 12 animals? 

Chinese Horoscope


Well, it all started long long ago with the Jade Emperor in the great beyond in the West. He found the mortals on earth were mixing up years and couldn’t keep track of birthdays properly, so he came up with a brilliant idea to use animals to represent years. He announced a great race for all animals with the winning 12 to represent 12 years. Find out what happens next, click here.

To celebrate, we Chinese, and many other eastern Asian countries like Vietnam, Korean and Singapore, all break into national feasting. If you’d like to get a taste of what that is like on a smaller scale, come to one of our two Chinese New Year supper clubs right here in Marylebone. ONLY 2 spaces left for each dinner, book soon!!

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